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Personalize Learning with Quality Digital Content

We know teachers need diverse and engaging resources and experiences to reach every student. We support teachers in personalizing learning by providing access to millions of free websites, videos, interactives, games, images, and digital text from a variety of content publishers. In addition, Gooru offers thousands of learning collections and assessments curated by teachers, many aligned to standards. For teachers looking for more complete online curriculum, we provide over 35 free, teacher-curated courses that have been vetted and reviewed for quality and that can be copied and customized to support diverse student needs.

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How we ensure quality

We go to great lengths to ensure that the resources found on Gooru meet the high standards for what teachers want to provide to their students. Organizations such as the Schusterman Foundation, Cisco, The Hewlett Foundation, and Lockheed Martin provide funding and expert advice to support the creation of quality content. 

Resources featured on Gooru go through a multi-step review process before they're searchable. Collections and courses are designed and vetted by teacher content experts and implemented in classrooms with students across the nation.

In addition, our team has identified and included the top publishers of open, online educational resources. We work to feature resources without aggressive ads, and those that have greater educational value.

Resources to engage every learner

Search no further. The web offers an enormous amount of multimedia content for every topic; however, the gems are scattered across a variety of sites. 

We've organized these resources for you from over 500 sources spanning language arts, math, social sciences, science, world languages, visual and performing arts, career technical education, health and physical education, personal finance,  and 21st-century skills. 

Find what you're looking instantly by filtering results by standards or format such as websites, interactive games, videos, audio files, and digital text.

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Teacher curated collections

Gooru collections and assessments are created by teachers and contain a variety of resource formats to differentiate learning and checks for understanding, including questions. These collections have been implemented in classrooms supporting innovative practices such as blended, flipped and station rotation and are maintained and updated by the educator authors.

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Customizable courses for personalized learning

Personalizing teaching and learning with technology isn’t easy. With Gooru, you can remix and customize over 35 courses designed for personalized learning and reviewed for quality. 

Adapt a featured course, building upon a strong foundation of collections and assessments to meet the unique needs of your students.

Courses have been designed to support blended learning, flipped classrooms, project-based learning, asynchronous learning, and other instructional models.

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Increase your value with open content

As an LMS, assessment provider, publisher, or other technology organization, you can license Gooru’s technology to provide the open resources, collections, and courses in Gooru’s catalog to your users. Much of the open content in Gooru’s catalog is tagged to grade level, subject, and standards, which allows for easy integration. Gooru allows you to share this open content within an intuitive content player optimized for study experience with analytics, community, and recommendations.

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