Collections & Assessments

Thousands of teacher created collections

Gooru collections and assessments are educator-curated and contain a variety of resource formats to differentiate learning. They have been implemented in actual classrooms and are maintained and updated by the educator authors.

Create, Copy or Customize

Gooru’s open community encourages sharing and remixing of best practices and content. Teachers create and sequence sets of learning resources to share with students as digital lessons, blended learning activities and flipped homework.

We call these teacher-curated sets of resources "Collections."

Collections are created and shared by a community of innovative educators

Student-driven learning

Students experience collections as a cohesive playlist of learning activities curated by their teacher. Using resources and check-for understanding questions, students learn at a pace right for them.

At the end of every collection and assessment, students see a quick summary of their effort and performance, broken down by question and standard.

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