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Educator-curated, Classroom-tested.

In summer 2016, we debuted more than 35 courses developed and implemented by teachers and curriculum designers at innovative schools, districts, and charters. Featured courses are approved by, and used in, the districts, charters, and schools where they were developed. They are now available to be used by teachers and students anywhere.

Content that's worked at innovative schools, districts, and charters

Featured courses are designed and vetted by teachers and content experts, and implemented with students in classrooms across the nation.

Gooru Fellows

Gooru Fellows are innovative teachers who are implementing Gooru courses in their classrooms to personalize learning for their students. They use Gooru consistently and provide feedback to our team so we can ensure that what we build works in diverse classroom environments.

In the 2015-16 school year, we selected Gooru Fellows who contributed to the development and implementation of featured Gooru Courses. We are thankful for all that we learned from them and for their commitment to honor the human right to education!

More about Gooru Fellows

Preview some of our featured courses

NGPF Personal Finance Curriculum
Personal Finance by NGPF

NGPF offers a full curriculum of 65+ personal finance lessons, spread over 11 units of study, to help your high school or college students expand their financial capabilities and prepare for life-changing decisions.

English 8
CCSS ELA - Grade 8 by SummitEnglish

Summit Public Schools have designed curricula comprised of project-based learning and focus areas, respectively designed to foster growth in interdisciplinary cognitive skills and facilitate mastery of content.

Math 4
CCSS Math - Grad 4 by HenHopMath

Math 4 was designed by Johns Hopkins University School of Education and implemented at Henderson Hopkins in Baltimore Public Schools. This course was patterned after EngageNY's math content and integrates 30+ years of teams research conducted by JHU and the Success For All Foundation.

Social Studies 6
C3 Social Sciences by MrsStiegelmeyer

Social Studies 6 was designed and implemented in Uinta County School District in Wyoming. This course contains a series of projects with Gooru providing the content foundation for students via a myriad of interactives, readings and videos with assessments woven throughout to monitor student progress and level of understanding.

NGSS Science- High School by SummitScience

Focus areas for physics are: Energy Basics; Wave Basics and Properties; Electromagnetic Radiation; Electromagnetic Waves; Fields: Forces and Energy; Circuits; Kinematics; Newton’s First and Second Laws of Motion; Newton’s Third Law and the Conservation of Momentum; Conservation of Energy; Electrostatics and more.

Survival Spanish Studio
World Languages - Spanish 1 by ProfeKoch21

Survival Spanish Studio was designed and implemented in Building 21's Ferguson High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Students should leave this course with confidence in the language and in technology. This course has 12 in-depth units of study covering a variety of introductory Spanish language content.

Reviewed and badged for quality

Our featured  courses  have undergone a badging process to be sure they meet our standards for content quality and that they best support personalized learning and instruction. The badging process includes review against the Gooru Quality Content Rubric, a peer review process, and a final review to ensure the course is an exemplary representation for the district or organization where the course was designed and implemented.

Create your own course

Remix and customize Gooru courses, or build your own from scratch, using resources from Gooru’s catalog or by uploading your own. Collaborate with colleagues and differentiate instruction to support unique student and class needs. Gooru's flexible course structure allows teachers to blend online and offline learning activities seamlessly, supporting learning at school and at home.

Designing and implementing Gooru courses