Our Mission

Gooru honors the human right to education by creating technology that enables educators and researchers to “open-source” effective practices and content to improve learning outcomes for all.

Honor The Human Right To Education

Education is a basic human right, yet educational access and opportunity--both nationally and internationally--is limited and unequal. While we have seen local success with amazing teachers or prestigious academic programs, we do not have success at scale. The tenacious hold of the current model of education means students lack agency to learn in a variety of ways.

Outcomes For All

Technology has great potential to make education equally accessible and empowering. We believe technology can be a catalyst to unite communities and a lynchpin to create collective impact. In the right hands, technology can give students, teachers and schools real-time analytic tools and unlimited access to engaging, effective resources for anywhere, anytime learning.  We believe learning begins with teachers, and with the right tools, they can advance student outcomes and foster an innovative community that supports the success of every student.

We Work Better Together

Gooru is committed to scaling practices with proven impact; practices where powerful technology could enhance success and scale results to classrooms across the country.

Our tools are developed in collaboration with Leadership Public Schools, National University, and Johns Hopkins University School of Education. These  collaborations bring essential research, technology, and educator expertise required to design and develop tools that support individual student success at scale. We are dedicated to  creating opportunities for high-quality and personalized learning for all students by understanding and  addressing critical needs of underserved students.

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