Navigate Math

Navigate Math with Gooru and Leadership Public Schools

A solution to accelerate math skills and empower students with proven results of 2.8 math grade levels gained per year. Navigate Math was co-developed with teachers at Leadership Public Schools and tested in classrooms to respond to real student needs.

Algebra 1 is the biggest barrier to high school graduation

Navigate Math’s Personalized Pre-Algebra Approach Builds Foundational Skills for  Algebra Success

  • 80 percent of high school dropouts cited their inability to pass Algebra I as the primary reason for leaving school. (U.S. Dept Ed 2010 Study)
  • Students who passed Algebra 1 by their freshman year of high school graduated at twice the rate of those who had not. (CA Dropout Research Project, UCSB, 2008)

Accelerate Academic Growth: Navigate Math

Navigate Math is an intervention course and approach developed by Leadership Public Schools that accelerates academic growth and empowers students to direct their own learning. Navigate Math helps students develop the foundational knowledge, skills, and thought processes required to be successful in pre-Algebra and Algebra. This is critically important because students who succeed in Algebra are more likely to graduate from high school.

Connecting Ed & Tech

Together, Gooru and Leadership Public Schools are invested in making sure that teaching practices guide technology, and that student outcomes are at the heart of our design.  The result is an approach that is aligned with teacher needs and practices, putting instruction first and technology second.  Check out these articles which  feature  our partnership to co-design edtech, and highlights this  approach.

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"I feel like I have grown as a teacher in my ability to differentiate instruction and use data in a way that really powerfully benefits my students."

 --Laurie Ellis, math teacher at Leadership Public Schools

How it started: Teaching 8 Years of Math in 4

In 2011, Mike Fauteux was a veteran math teacher at Leadership Public Schools, where 80% of 9th grade students enter with math abilities ranging from 2nd-7th grade. To backfill these missing skills, Mike designed a companion class to Algebra. The gains he saw from more personalized, intensive support were tremendous. To scale this approach, Mike programmed a spreadsheet system that helped students attain mastery on a continuum of math skills. The result was a powerful combination of direct instruction, self-paced resources, real-time assessments, and features to build growth mindset and collaboration. Other  teachers at Leadership Public Schools began using the pre-algebra approach with the same successful results, whether they were veteran teachers or first-year interns.

In 2016, students who started below grade level  gained 2.8 years

Students in the Navigate Math program at Leadership Public Schools have gained an average of 2.8 math grade levels per year, as measured by the NWEA MAP.

At LPS, teachers had more time for targeted support, assessment, and prep. Students’ understanding soared, they took meaningful ownership of their learning, and they were on track to move from elementary proficiency to college readiness by graduation.

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Navigate Math in 90 seconds

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