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Navigate Math Readiness Checklist and Implementation

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Is Navigate Math right for your school or district?

There are several criteria to keep in mind when considering if Navigate Math is a match for you. Below are some checklists to help guide your thinking around what supports need to be in place to successfully implement this kind of course and approach.

1. What we strongly encourage to implement Navigate Math successfully:

2. Take a look at the Readiness Checklist below to see if your school or district would be a good fit for Navigate Math.

  • Computers: You have 1:1 devices for all students who would be in the program.
  • Credentials: Students have emails to access Gooru, Google Apps for Education, etc.
  • Teacher Tools: Teachers have access to a projector and computer in the classroom.
  • Bandwidth: You have sufficient bandwidth for simultaneous streaming by a majority of a class.
  • Video streaming: Students and teachers may access YouTube in and out of the classroom.
  • Note-taking system: Students are equipped with notebooks or binders, etc.


  • Eligible Audience: 7th to 12th graders who are behind in math (core numeracy) and learning ownership.
  • Teaching Model: Navigate Math helps teachers move from direct to more responsive instruction, building student ownership and using data to plan and coach at the class, group, and individual student levels. There is an option to use lesson plan templates for direct instruction. (See more about teaching models in the table above.)
  • Learning Model: Students learn independently from online and offline resources and cooperatively with peers and their teacher.
  • Scheduling: Strongly recommended as a standalone course taught by a math teacher parallel to a 7th-12th core math class. Integrating the course inside a core math class recommended only for block scheduled classes that can dedicate a healthy portion of the class time. (See more about scheduling in the table above.)
  • Accountability & Grading: Because the asynchronous pacing of Navigate Math means students will complete different amounts of the course, a clear set of expectations and a grading plan should be in place.
  • Administrator Support: The site principal should understand and support the objectives and philosophy of Navigate Math, as well as associated learning and teaching models and time for teacher collaboration to improve overall implementation.
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