Navigate MatH

Outcomes & Program

A solution to accelerate math skills and empower students with proven results of 2.8 math grade levels gained per year. Read on to learn more about the Navigate Math program.

Student achieve nearly 3x the national average

Students starting below grade level who use  Navigate Math show consistent academic growth of 2 years in one academic year. Last year Navigate Math students grew 2.8 years in math, almost 3 times the national average per NWEA’s MAP test.

"With these new instructional approaches, kids have more agency and they felt more in charge...and I can focus not just on filling skill gaps, but on teaching them how to learn."

-Sophia Thomas, Leadership Public Schools

The Navigate Math Program

Access for All Students

-Embedded checks for understanding help students navigate their own learning and chart their own pace
-Students choose from a variety of resources at varying levels to deepen their understanding of a concept
-Students use resources based on where they need the most help, charting their own path.

Real-time assessment reports drive immediate intervention and differentiation

Teachers immediately know which questions / concepts need:

Data + Learning Resources Help Students Take Action

When a student struggles  to master a concept, Navigate Math provides immediate reteaching resources for self-directed learning

An Approach that Builds Academic Skills & Mindsets

Navigate Math emphasizes  off-line learning and builds the academic skills, growth mindset and ownership of learning necessary for long-term academic success.

  • What is the specific pain point you are addressing?
  • What would a successful implementation look like?
  • What metric would you use to measure success?
  • What systems do you have in place to make success happen?
Learn more about how to implement  Navigate Math

Guided videos to see it in action

Navigate Math begins with synchronous, full-class instruction for the first two units.  After Unit 2 teachers can continue with a full-class model or move to to a more personalized asynchronous format. Watch these screencasts to get a better sense of the student and teacher experiences.