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Gooru's learning navigator provides real-time data to help students understand where they are and how to reach their goals. Gooru blends powerful assessments and analytics with a catalog of learning resources to help teachers track student progress and understanding and meet the needs of every student.

Search and remix high-quality content

Find millions of open and free resources, collections, and courses in Gooru’s catalog. Items are tagged with rich metadata and cover a variety of K-12 topics. Thousands of collections and quizzes created and shared by educators are easily customized for personalized learning in every class.

Browse libraries of high-quality vetted K-12 courses in Mathematics, Science, English Language Arts, AP Government, and AP Computer Science Principles.

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Personalize courses for your class or district

Teachers organize digital resources and activities into lessons and courses. Teachers can collaborate with colleagues and differentiate instruction to support unique student and class needs. Gooru's flexible course structure allows teachers to blend online and offline learning activities seamlessly, supporting learning at school and at home.

Resources and questions can be tagged to standards, like Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, Texas Essential Knowledge, and Skills, and 21st century skills.

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Create and share open, formative assessments

Educators can author and remix assessments from the Gooru catalog selecting from 8 common SBAC/PARCC question types. Questions can be embedded into collections and courses, helping students check for understanding and develop online test-taking skills. With quality approval, educators publish assessments to the Gooru catalog, contributing to an open, standards-aligned item bank.

Navigate learning 24/7

With Gooru, students study at their own pace, working on learning activities collaboratively and independently. Instant feedback on assessments give students data on their effort and performance on specific skills. This information prompts student reflection on their progress, encouraging growth mindset and agency. Students can accelerate to new topics or review underdeveloped concepts by seeking help from their peers, teacher, or digital resources curated for the course.

Monitor student progress in real time

ExitTicket has been fully integrated with Gooru to help teachers accelerate  achievement for every student in the class. Individual student and whole-class responses are tracked in real time, allowing teachers to differentiate instruction and provide immediate intervention for every student.

Facilitate Cooperative Learning

Personalized learning can be collaborative too!  Teams can motivate individuals to reach their goals . Blending online and offline interactions, teachers  use Gooru to implement a practice of teamwork in a classroom that encourages student interaction and engagement as well as student achievement.  With 30 years of research from the John's Hopkins University School of Education, cooperative learning is a research-based practice that leverages student engagement with other students to increase cognitive and social and emotional development. We're ready for the next 30 years with an easy-to-use online tool to enable cooperative learning.

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