Real-Time Assessments

Harness the Power of Assessments with Gooru

Gooru allows teachers to create and facilitate formative assessments as well as monitor student data in real-time. Teachers gain instant insight into student understanding and can make immediate decisions about classroom instruction.

Create Formative Assessments with 8 Question Types

Create your own assessments or choose to customize already existing ones by accessing thousands of educator-created assessments in Gooru’s free content catalog. Question types are aligned to the kinds of questions used on national tests and assessments, and support a variety of response options for students.

Students Join Your Gooru Classroom

Invite your students to sign up with Gooru, join the classroom you create, and complete the assessments you assign.

Intervene and Personalize Instruction in Real Time

Teachers use Gooru’s formative assessment capabilities to check the previous day’s homework, do mid-class checks for understanding, reteach key concepts, and monitor understanding throughout a course of study. Gooru’s dynamic teacher dashboards support immediate intervention at the individual, group, and class levels.
Students receive assessment reports with actionable data to drive ownership of their learning. They can see their results by standard, view correct answers, and access related learning collections to help clear up misunderstandings.

Classroom Practices for Using Real-Time Assessments

Explore a variety of practices  to support use of Gooru’s real-time assessments for individual, group, and whole class instruction. Our guide provides beginner and intermediate levels of implementing real-time assessment practices with your students.

Visit our Real-Time Assessment Guide

See how it works

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