Teacher Toolkit

Resources to get started

Read, watch, and feel free to reach out to us as you familiarize yourself with Gooru!

Intro to Gooru

Watch this 90 second video to get an overview of what you can do with Gooru.

Gooru Step-by-Step

Once you're ready to dive in, check out these resources which give you step-by-step guidance to using Gooru's major features.

Gooru User Guide

Browse the User Guide for specific directions on how to use Gooru.

Gooru Tutorials

Check out the Gooru Tutorials playlist with short videos on how to use Gooru's major features.

Real-Time Assessment Practices

Browse through examples on using Gooru's real-time assessment capability in the classroom.

Webinars and Events

If you'd like to walk through Gooru with one of our team members or ask us any questions, join us for a Gooru webinar or meet us at an upcoming event.

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